Zoning and drainage reports.

Thank you for all your comments. and your compliments on the site I will get to them all very soon. There is a lot of material. The site has been linked to several Irish-orientated Facebook accounts. 

The site is now regarded as a window into the governance of a small town in Ireland and how things have changed in the last fifty years.

All comments received so far are generally surprised as I am, that this mature  10.5 acres of wooded area and oasis of wilding be considered for housing.

To better understand how this situation arose. Over the last couple of months, I have written to several of your politicians for assistance.  and governing bodies to better understand the system of governance in place in 2022. The following were the points raised


How could this area be zoned for housing in the first place?  Every seven years Clare county council put together their new county development plan. Forward planners prepare this document in the preceding years before the report is published in draft format for elected members to vote on. Some land is to be rezoned or newly zoned. Forward planners use their expertise with other reports from experts in their field to guide councilors on what they are voting on.  This 10.5 acres was zoned for housing.  I have simply asked for the following. 

  1. The name of the forward planner that decided on zoning type. His or her report. So people can better understand the reasoning.
  2. Other reports Heritage officers report.etc


           The issues with flooding and drainage problems in Ennis are well known.

            Irish Water has granted permission to the developer to connect an 

           unspecified number of houses to the drainage and surface water 

           systems. This is baffling and needs clarification. 

           I have written to the local authority and Irish Water asking for the name of

           the engineer and their report, have they considered the following.

           1. The capacity of the drainage system has already been way exceeded

           with the treatment unit at Francis street overflowing in times of 

           heavy rainfall.

           2. Are there reliable reports on water quality downstream from discharge

           points from the treatment plants. With extra load will aquatic life be  

           maintained and will the water be safe for livestock to drink from the river.

           3. This site is 10.5 acres sloping towards the town. This is going to add 

           significantly to the flood load on the town. What is the professional 

           opinion here by your engineer?

 In simple terms, your elected representatives vote on the policy regarding zoning that in this case applies to this piece of land.  If there were no reports done how did the councilors know what they were voting on? There has got to be a report by the forward planner that made the decision to put this land forward. We urgently need to know his professional opinion on this,  by way of his or her report presented to elected representatives.

Irish Water has made a significant decision on behalf of the people of Ennis,

Can we have your report regarding the important points raised above? The people of the town deserve nothing less. 

Some of your politicians have been very helpful but as yet no reports. 


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Marie daly.

Absolutely sarah. I think the reports will be made available too. Its the publics right to see them. After all that’s what we voted these people in to power for. And they promised us honesty and transparency. The truth always comes out in the wash. Marie.

Matthew reidy.

Its so important that we don’t lose that big area in ennis. I have memories of being brought out in a boat from my house some years back after the estate got flooded. Nobody wants a repeat of that. Matthew.

Sean Connolly

Could it be the case that the land was re-zoned/ zoned for residential use before the area matured into a wooded area? If so, surely the zoning must be re-considered. It’s not suitable for housing at present as it adds so much value to the locality and town as a natural resource. A site like this is unique, even if it was located in the middle of a rural area let alone an urban one. The council seems prepared to allow for its destruction for the sake of “progress”? Backward thinking at best!!

Pat Waldron.

Yes, backward thinking indeed. As for progress, it seems here that your local authority can do what they like. Unless of course after studying this website ye the great people who have a love of nature can indeed prove that laws are been broken here. I live in Galway near a lovely area of nature of about 3 acres. I take my children out there and they love learning about all the flora and fauna. The birds nesting birdsong honey bees on the flowers butterflies flying around. This education is so important for children and everybody who comes here to enjoy this area.
Imagine my surprise to learn that a much larger area in Ennis is in danger of being lost. I I wish ye all the best here in yere endeavors to safe this area. Pat.

Marian o loughlin.

Whatever group of people will sit down to decide on this have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. How can they have a conscience if they say Yes go ahead and bulldoze that habitat out. If it were 9 or 10 years ago there may not be as many inhabitants living there and it wouldn’t sound so bad maybe. We live in a democratic country where the general public are entitled to their opinions. If not allowed to have a say, we voted in people who we hope will represent us and have a say on our behalf. That is what we were led to believe anyway. Marian.

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