Wildlife-rich woodland and hedgerows take decades to mature

The plans to redevelop the lands adjacent to Ennis Nursing Home should be halted immediately. Wildlife-rich woodland and hedgerows take decades to mature and require light-touch maintenance programs to transform them into life-supporting ecosystems that are crucial in the fight against biodiversity collapse. In Ireland, species extinction rates and the steady decline of our insect biomass is a huge cause for concern. Only 10% of our 31000 species of animal have been surveyed and shockingly 20% of these are threatened with extinction.

Mature green areas that support biodiversity are few and far between, in our cities and townlands. Ennis is no different and failing to protect and conserve an area that breeds and supports life like the one on the edge of the town center would be nothing short of Ecoside and show a level of extreme negligence on the part of Clare County Council. The council has within its control the mechanisms and resources to find an alternative site and deliver much-needed housing for the growing population. Housing is a pressing matter but the irony of flattening a natural amenity that is crucial to the quality of life of residents to make way for housing is staggering. New communities should be built around amenities and natural areas should be protected as valuable educational and recreational resources.

I would remind Clare County Council to take stock of its commitments to Ireland’s National Biodiversity Action Plan and All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. We must not pick and choose “when” we implement these goals and objectives; the conversation should only be about “how” we implement them. The Clare Biodiversity action plan sets out with the right type of enthusiasm and ambition and it’s on the council to protect our most important sites. This development must be reconsidered. To destroy this natural area threatens the fabric of our commitment to promote biodiversity and protect nature.

Mary Kelly

Previously from Kilrush


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Lorraine Wright.

Hello Mary. I read your article with interest. As you say wildlife rich woodland and hedgerows take decades to mature. What a disaster it would be to stop this maturity. We are lucky in ireland that we don’t have natural disasters such as avalanches hurricanes or tsunamis. All these cause havoc in other countries. So to intentionally wreak a disaster in this lovely wooded area is unthinkable. How could humans employ other humans to go in there and cause an avalanche to all the life in this area. So whoever is planning this disaster be advised that it can and will be prevented. It isn’t rocket science at all. Its just a fact of life.

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