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    My home has been here at Páirc na Coille for 12 years now. Most mornings I wake up to bird song and that is thanks in large part to living in close proximity to a substantial area of woodland. This area consists of native trees and undergrowth crucial to the survival of the wildlife that thrives and lives within its boundaries.

    I am saddened by the possibility the Local Authority to in essence allows for the destruction of this wildlife habitat all in the name of “progress”. The council has the power to seek out alternative sites within its administrative control that are more suitable for development. All avenues should be explored to avoid impacting such an important site from an ecological standpoint.

    In the Clare Biodiversity Action Plan published by Clare Council in 2017 it states as some of its main objectives:

    To work with landowners, local communities, and other relevant groups to promote the
    retention and conservation of existing trees and hedgerows, and to prevent the disruption
    of connectivity between woodlands, hedgerows, and other valuable habitats;
    To encourage proposals that enhance the landscape through positive management and
    additional planting of native tree species;
    To raise awareness of the importance of native woodlands and trees.

    These objectives fly in the face of the council’s plans to sacrifice one of the few remaining substantial green areas close to Ennis town center. Rather than encouraging growth and preserving green space, the council is at risk of neglecting its responsibilities as the key stakeholder in ensuring the parklands and wooded areas of Ennis can be enjoyed by future generations. We must re-visit the viability and necessity of re-developing this land to avoid being held responsible for destroying this natural habitat here in Ennis by our children and grandchildren.

    Ennis Wild Life
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      Anthony Mason

      Hi Tony
      A great article like your pictures, it took patience to get the ones with the insects on the flowers.
      It’s hard to believe that any local authority in Europe never mind Ireland would remotely consider such destruction. I thought there were several
      European directives against this. Good luck with it all


      Ennis Wild Life

      Love the website, Are the people that wrote The Clare Biodiversity action plan not advising the planners on this, or are two different departments within Clare County council completely at odds with each other, Where do our elected representatives stand in all of this. Michael Watson, Limerick

      Ennis Wild Life

      Hi Tony
      Good luck with the campaign. I cannot see this kind of destruction. In order for us all to survive these are the kind of areas that need to be preserved. What kind of a message would this send to the school children of the town. Lead by example. It’s not going to happen.
      David Spellman, Dublin

      James moylan.

      Well said David.

      Ennis Wild Life

      Local authorities should be leading by example. And a good example is needed more now than ever. Your website could make front-page news if destruction is seen here. I don’t think Clare county council will want that kind of spotlight. Thanks for your good work.
      Thanks, John for sending this to me. I will send the link on
      Sean Grimes, New york

      Samantha Spellman previously sixmilebridge

      Great images support from Ballyfermot Dublin. Holiday in Ennis every year. Clare Local authority please leave this place as it is. Wish it was in Ballyfermot

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