Timothy Murray, Dublin; Concerns over this development

Ireland is home to eight species of Bat of which seven can be found in County Clare. The lesser horseshoe bat has been recorded at the woodland adjacent to Páirc na Coille retirement village. This particular Bat is seldom recorded in Ireland and can only be found in Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Limerick, Roscommon, and Mayo which gives significant value and importance to the site. This woodland which is one of only three broadleaved wooded areas within a 2km radius of Ennis Town Center must be protected and a viable alternative sought by Clare County Council for development.

Bats are protected under the Wildlife Act 1976 and subsequent amendments under which it is an
offense to intentionally disturb their habitats. In addition to domestic legislation, bats are protected under the EU Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC. All bats are listed in Annex IV of this Directive and therefore their habitats must not be disturbed under articles 12 (b) and (d) as described above.

Clare County Council, if they proceed with the clearance and destruction of the native woodland adjacent to Páirc na Coille retirement will be in breach of E.U Law in the absence of a full E.I.A having been carried out at the site.

In the absence of a comprehensive environmental impact assessment, any planned development should be immediately halted and surveyors should carry out a full assessment on the area in its entirety, ensuring the bat population will not be adversely impacted by any planned development. The multiple bat species that roost and forage in this area are extremely sensitive to anthropogenic noise and light and the clearance of mature trees will more than likely have a detrimental impact on their chances of survival. The council have an obligation to preserve and protect the natural habitats of these extremely important animals from any unnecessary disturbance


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.gwen Derbyshire

Its very important that we save as much of our wonderful natural environment we possibly can. Seeing the beauty of trees flowers and wildlife especially animals that are already struggling such as hedgehogs squirrels bats and butterflies. Seeing them helps us relax reflect and gives us hope. These places may not mean a great deal to many but to a little child they are a source of wonderment. They explore and see nature for the first time. Do you remember the first time you felt a butterfly land on your hand see a rabbit pop its head out of a burrow or a bird feeding their young. Werent you excited. I was. Gwen.

Darren o Neill.

Thanks gwen for that. It brought me right back to my childhood. Wouldn’t you want every child to experience the same. Some might describe areas like the one at pairc na coille a wilderness. But what does wilderness mean?. It means diversity. Its nature in its purest form. Its a blank canvas on which everyone can their own thoughts. It means that we should stop trying to control nature and let it fend for itself. Do you remember during the lockdowns when animals such as foxes were seen rambling around towns. They stopped hiding when the urban movement subsided. Also some people said the birds were singing louder. They always sang at the same pitch. Its just that we had slowed down and were more aware. Let’s always appreciate nature. Darren.

Roger Murphy. .

I have studied this expertly put together website. Dont think I have ever seen such a large area to be mapped for housing. Would be a shame to lose it . Lovely trees and full of nature. Its a bonus to conserve these areas with protected species etc. Not many green areas left now. I’m sure the professional people involved in making the final decision on this will give the right one. Also the politicians im sure wouldn’t like this nature reserve destroyed. Roger.

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