Pairc na Coille Ennis

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    Declan Hanley


    It would be reckless if Clare County Council were to grant Leadlane’s Application for the construction of houses and apartments on lands to the west of Pairc na Coille Retirement Village.
    Wildlife habitat would be destroyed in an area where there is thriving biodiversity.
    Do Clare County Council Planners bother to read the Clare Biodiversity Plan, which clearly states that native trees and undergrowth are crucial to the survival of wildlife?
    Immense harm is inflicted on animals and plants every day. Their habitat is destroyed without even a though given to how important it is for humans and animals to co-exist.

    Ennis Wild Life
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      Brian o mahoney.

      Great comments declan. This is a great website. At the beginning there are articles pleading to have this lovely area left as it is with all the wildlife there and certainly that should be the outcome. However further on there are articles from the heritage and ennis tidy towns committees saying habitats should be restored that the bats are a protected species that hedgerows and trees are essential now in times of climate. That clean water and air are essential. So all this information should be the answers to the questions asked by these concerned people for the environment. So come on I mean we have seen our answers. Implement them. Brian.

      David Tulla

      Clare County Councils will be breaking their laws by destroying this area. A few years ago, my neighbor in Tulla got fined €3000 for removing small trees and some briars. I am sure there are loads similar throughout the County. So how are they going to continue this if they destroy this area

      David in Tulla

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