Michael Mcmahon Dublin and Clare

As a nature lover and I am deeply saddened to hear of the possible re-development of the area of woodland and undergrowth at Pairc na Coille that has served the people and wildlife of Ennis town so well over the years.

In Ireland, in times past, it is said that a squirrel could forage its way along a native woodland corridor, from coast to coast in any direction. Today, Ireland’s forest cover is only 11% compared to an EU average cover of 33.5%. This cover drops to a shocking 2% if we only count Ireland’s native trees. It is a shocking indictment that Clare County Council fail to recognize the importance of this site as a natural habitat and feeding ground for countless species of bird, bat, and other wildlife. This area of over 10 acres includes native broadleaf trees, hedgerows, and undergrowth and is a crucial ecosystem that has matured over the years.

Some of the objectives of the Clare County Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023 are as follows:

“to promote and encourage the management of gardens and community spaces for wildlife; to raise awareness of the threats to biodiversity, and promote best practice to avoid or minimize these threats;”.

The council’s plan to flatten this area to make way for more urban development is in direct contravention with these objectives.

Ennis is the capital of Clare, a county which boasts a forest cover of about 14% which places it amongst the leaders in this area nationwide. By preserving natural areas in close proximity to town centers, we allow the opportunity for our youth and society as a whole to learn more about the importance of bio-diversity and how our native trees and hedgerows play a pivotal role in supporting ecosystems that we as humans rely upon daily. The food that we eat and the air that we breathe are intrinsically linked to the web of life. The plants, the insects, the pollinators, the birds, the bats, and the small mammals will not survive unless we change our mindset and halt the reckless abandon shown towards nature areas like the one next to Páirc no Coille. I encourage the Council to re-visit and re-consider this project as many suitable alternative less significant sites are available that will not impact the ecology of the area.


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Liam Magbiray

If this goes ahead thousands of wildlife will be killed. Huge damage to the BioDiversity of the town of Ennis.
Uproar and protest are needed. The local authority is completely wrong to even consider this.


Alice Martin Devereux.

Hello Liam. I agree totally with you. I’m surprised that the people who wrote the clare bio diversity plan aren’t up in arms about this situation. The plan outlines about the conservation of the environment and wildlife. They mention about the wildlife in Dromore Wood and edenvale etc. The wildlife in the 10 acres at pairc na coille don’t understand politics. So why not save them all.

Malachy O Connell New York and long time ago Enni

Wildlife matters none of the wildlife at this site should be in any way endangered. Its time now for the planners to make true on the statements in their well put togeather Clare Biodiversity Plan and I am sure they will

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