Margaret Hrynizak and Bob Oniskiewilz. Pairc na Coille

We are living in pairc na coille for the past 6 years. Coming from Poland we find it a beautiful place to live. We are very interested in gardening and nature in general. What a joy it is to see and hear all the birds in the big green area across from our house. There are so many different ones and they all build their nests here in the springtime. This increases the population of birds every year. We see foxes and a badger regularly as well as bats flying around at night. Lots of lovely butterflies come to our flower garden. The undergrowth in the dense area is home to thousands of pollinators. Whole life cycles occur there. We were saddened to hear all this may be lost. It doesn’t seem ok to destroy nature. We can’t imagine the minds of people who would go in there and pull it all out with no consideration of the devastation being done.
Margaret hrynizak and Bob oniskiewilz.


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