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    Tom Hanrahan


    I lived in Ennis over 50 years ago. I now live in Queens, New York and still love Ennis. So I was delighted to receive the Email and particularly enjoyed the video on the website. Long since I retired, I have worked as a Civil engineer and building contractor.
    Regarding the argument? For housing? or wildlife Habitat?.
    I Want to put forward the following points.
    The last time I visited Ennis, it was a bustling, busy town. Full of shops and activity. When you have drunk the coffee and visited the shops, there is a conspicuous absence of any park or green recreational areas, unlike other similar-sized towns. Even in New York, most people are within 5 minutes or 10 minutes from a green area to stretch their legs. I feel the town planners for Ennis have seriously got things wrong here in the past
    The proposed site is elevated above the town. Rainfall is slowed reaching the town and river Fergus by the existing vegetation and trees on this 10.5-acre site. Developing this site, there will be thousands of gallons of water flowing towards the town a lot faster. And adding to a severe flooding problem that already exists
    Who doesn’t love wildlife and unspoilt natural vegetation? Particularly that can be enjoyed so close to the town centre. I cannot find any discussion document online where public elected representatives have had any discussion regarding the possible removal of this green area. I also note there seems to be a complete absence of public representation regarding this issue. This is a 10.5-acre site close to the centre of the county town. Does it not warrant discussion in times of rampant climate change and species extension. Do your public representative’s care?
    The point above may have just been overlooked. However, legally where does this leave the local authority if there is a grant?. Surely the decision could be open to challenge.

    These are just a few points that stand out from a long time ago, Ennistonian and I would like to see this piece of land kept as it is. Or enhanced as an area where people could enjoy a park environment with all its vegetation and wildlife population kept intact.

    Tom Hanrahan

    Ennis Wild Life
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      John. Kilrush Road

      The potential for extra flooding is a big concern. The local authority has not a good record here. I used to rent a house off the Gort road many years ago. The house I rented in Aughanteeroe flooded to the ceiling a short time after planning was granted for the estate. The local authority at that time had produced a report saying chances of flooding were minimal. Nobody was held accountable. So how can the same county council be relied upon here.

      Jim Foley Seattle

      It is true the elected representatives cannot intervene in planning matters. I checked with my brother in Ireland, I know it sounds ridiculous but that is the way it is.
      Jim Foley Seattle

      Jan 29 2022

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