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John Carey Cork


I am very concerned with the current plans to redevelop the lands next to the retirement village of Pairc na Coille

If these plans go ahead, we will be losing a very important asset in Ennis town and we risk setting a dangerous precedent by allowing for the sacrifice of an important nature reserve without making an effort to explore alternative options. It is paramount that Clare County Council revisits the viability of this development, not in terms of its necessity but in terms of its location.

By allowing for the repurposing of these lands, the Council is clearly abandoning its commitments as set out in the Clare Biodiversity action plan. In this document, published in 2017 following the government of Ireland’s admission that the country was experiencing a biodiversity crisis, it states as its main aim:: “To conserve the biodiversity of County Clare”.
The disregard to this commitment shown by Clare Council Council in allowing for the destruction of hedgerows and mature trees on the site opposite Pairc na Coille is shameful.

Why not preserve and develop the site as it is? Encourage more growth and explore initiatives that could benefit the town. Invite schoolchildren and other groups down to experience the wildfire and learn about the flora and fauna.

Ennis is not unique in its struggle to protect and avoid the swallowing up of green space. Cork City is on the brink of disaster with the paving over of the Peace Park which is one of the few remaining slithers of green space in the city center. The council must learn from this. At some point, the repurposing of green space in Cork City center turned into a nasty habit that was never addressed. Please do not let Ennis fall into the same trap. Our green space is invaluable and must be prioritized and preserved for the benefit of our people and environment.

John Carey


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Mary Murphy o brien.

Great article John. Yes its unbelievable to think that a beautiful area of nature could be destroyed. Its amazing why the people that wrote the biodiversity plan in clare aren’t up in arms about this. They write about preserving the environment and wildlife in Dromore Wood and edenvale etc. Animals and birds don’t understand politics. So there is no difference between the wildlife in these areas to the ones in the 10 acres at pairc na coille. The mind boggles.

Hillary Craven

More open green area are badly needed in the town of Ennis not less. My garden an Aviary of birds in the summer time. If this area is developed . My aviary will die with the development. Mr planner I hope destruction of established Habitats is hardly what you learned in town planning school. Let common sense and good town planning prevail.

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