David Dillon. Connolly Co Clare

My concern is the effect this development would have on the bat population. especially the lesser horseshoe
bat who all forage here. They need dense vegetation for foraging and this area is ideally suited. The
lesser horseshoe bat has become rare in Ireland in recent years and is now mainly confined to
Counties Cork, Clare, and Kerry.
One of the main reasons for the decline of bats is the changes in land use, particularly the use of
pesticides. As no farming takes place in this wooded area no pesticides or other harmful chemicals
are used. In this dense vegetation of 10.5 acres they thrive very well feeding on gnats, moths and
crane-flies saw levels of habitat modification or changes to roost availability can have significant
adverse effects on the bat in Ireland.
The Western Counties as outlined above are suited to the survival of the bat because of the fact that
the West of Ireland is influenced by the Gulf Stream so we get fewer frosts.
Bats are protected by law in Ireland under the Wildlife Act 1976 and subsequent amendments, so
therefore it is an offence to disturb, injure or kill bats or disturb or destroy their roosts.
They are also protected under Annex 2 EU Habitats Directive. Nine of the ten species of bats in
Ireland is found breeding in Co. Clare. County Clare holds internationally important populations of
lesser horseshoe bats, Daubenton’s and Seislas species.


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Ennis Wild Life

Bats are generally protected. so why is Clare County Council? Considering breaking the law here. There is so much more that can be done with this natural green area, it’s a jewel in the crown of Ennis so close to Ennis center. Why would anyone even think about destroying it and all the wildlife and plant life that live there?
John Constantine Kilrush

On Key

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