Town of ennis

Bridie & Martin Slattery. Pairc Na Coille

We live in the retirement village in Paírc na Coille. What a beautiful place this is. We are surrounded
by nature. Very rare in the town of Ennis now, as nearly every green area that was, is now replaced
by housing.
We would invite anyone to come and see this dense area of trees and wildlife, birdsong, humming
bees, bats and butterflies, foxes with their vixens, to name but a few.
But guess what and can you believe it, all this is in danger of being wiped out to development.
To consider doing this is unreal, to carry it out is beyond all thinking.
“Man and nature can live compatibly until a man challenges it and then nature becomes its victim”
We don’t need thousands of victims here.


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Mary devitt. .

Martin and bridie i hope this terrible devastation doesn’t go ahead. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ye experience it every day. Amazing how some people go through life without ever appreciating nature. That doesn’t give anybody the right to destroy it. Let’s hope that all the organisations involved eg birdwatch ireland bat conservation and of course our politicians we elected to represent us can stand up here to help. We opened our doors to ye when ye knocked. So hopefully ye will answer our knock. Mary.

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