Bridget Mooney. Pairc Na Coille

I live in pairc na coille facing the area of lovely trees and undergrowth. We are never lonely here with all the wildlife we see and hear every day. This area is so unique now especially in our town of Ennis as it is so built up from every side. Hopefully, we will continue to enjoy this. Can’t imagine why it would be removed for development. In Clare, we care. We care about nature’s biodiversity and all living creatures. Bridget Mooney.


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David Ryan.

Nicely put Bridget . After watching the website I was curious to see this area. So I decided to come and have a look at it. I was horrified to see that such a huge area could be lost. In these times of climate change etc its preserving these areas we should be. Its very apparent that there are lots of wildlife here. While in the area i saw a group of starlings eating from bird feeders erected by the residents there. And this was a winter scene. I can only imagine what its like in the summer time. To all those sitting in their offices planning this areas fate I would ask you to reconsider your decisions. After all who wants to destroy beauty animals birds and trees. David.

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